About Don

Rev. Don McDonald started as Part-Time Interim Minister of First Presbyterian Church, on March 1, 2020. 

Don, who is a retired minister, was named moderator of our Session in January. He presided for our elder installation and congregational meeting on February 2, 2020. He spent most of his ministry in Palo Duro Presbytery serving most recently in Hereford and Canyon.  Don and his wife Julie reside near Palo Duro Canyon and he will commute to preach three Sundays per month, will be in the office three days per month and be available for pastoral purposes as needed.  Please join the Session in welcoming Don and Julie to the 1st Presbyterian Church family in Plainview.

Moderator of Session 

The installed pastor shall ordinarily moderate all meetings of the congregation. If it is impractical for the pastor to preside, he or she shall invite another minister of the Word and Sacrament who is a member of the presbytery or a person authorized by the presbytery to serve as moderator. If there is no installed pastor, or the installed pastor is unable to moderate and/or to name another moderator, the presbytery shall make provision for a moderator. (from the Book of Order)

Minister of Word and Sacrament

Ministers of the Word and Sacrament (also called teaching elders and pastors) shall in all things be committed to teaching the faith in word and deed and equipping the saints for the work of ministry. They may serve in a variety of ministries, as authorized by the presbytery. When they serve as preachers and teachers of the Word, they shall preach and teach the faith of the church, so that the people are shaped by the pattern of the gospel and strengthened for witness and service. When they serve at font and table, they shall interpret and “show forth” the mysteries of grace in word and action, lifting the people’s vision toward the hope of God’s new creation. When they serve as pastors, they shall support the people in the disciplines of the faith amid the struggles of daily life. When they serve as presbyters, they shall participate in the responsibilities of governance, seeking always to discern the mind of Christ and to build up Christ’s body through devotion, debate, and decision. (from the Book of Order)


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